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Don't Just Survive....THRIVE


Muffy Davis was one of the top ranked U.S. Junior Ski Racers in the late 80's.  She was poised to not only be named to the U.S. National Ski Team but, her racing ability would have allowed her to have the chance to attain her childhood dream of competing in the Winter Olympics.


Until early one morning while training on her home mountain in Sun Valley, ID when a freak accident changed the life and course of this Olympic hopeful forever.  Skiing at over 45 mph, Muffy went through a safety fence on a downhill training course and hit her head and back on a tree.  Miraculously she survived the accident.  Once she arrived at the hospital the radiologist on duty was none other than her dad.  Horrified that his daughter arrived at the hospital in this condition the news continued to worsen when he found out that Muffy had crushed her back leaving her paralyzed from the chest down.  Muffy, her family and the skiing community were devastated.  All thoughts of Olympic Gold were gone in a instant.  Muffy was at a serious crossroads in her life, she had to make a choice: to simply survive or thrive.



Muffy decided to THRIVE!  She put all of her energy in to learning how to live life in a wheelchair. She was determined to make that wheelchair a vehicle of success instead of a excuse of something that would hold her back from the life she knew she needed to live.  Through this life changing experience, Muffy learned the importance of determination, perseverance, having a positive attitude and the importance of allowing herself to have what she calls "Grieving Days."  


Since the accident, Muffy has not only survived, but she has THRIVED further than she even expected of herself before the accident.  Muffy has gone on to  graduate from Stanford University, compete and win medals in both the 1998 and 2002 Winter Paralympic Games, was inducted in the U.S. Ski and SnowBoard Hall of Fame, became a valued member of countless committees and foundations supporting the disabled community, got married to the love of her life, had a beautiful daughter.  She has travelled all over the world volunteering and experiencing activities such as: as climbing California's Mt. Shasta, riding an elephant in Thailand, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, wheeling across the Great Wall of China amongst a million other adventures.  



In late 2011, Muffy suffered another set back.  She was having upper spinal problems and her right arm was going numb.  She underwent surgery to fuse her C4 and C5 together to hopefully regain feeling in her arm.  Not only did Muffy recover but she came back stronger than ever.  Winning back to back World Titles in Handcycling and was given the opportunity to compete in the 2012 London Paralympic Games for The United States.  


Muffy had three chances to accomplish her childhood dream of winning olympic gold.  In true Muffy fashion, she succeeded in not only winning one gold but, THREE GOLDS.  Her success in London earned Muffy a Guinness World Record for the most gold medals won in Road Cycling in a Paralympic Games. 


In 2017 Muffy was nominated by the United States Olympic Committee to run for a seat on the International Paralympic Committee's  (IPC) Governing Board.  She was elected in September of 2017 to the Governing Board at the IPC General Assembly in Aby Dhabi, UAE. She will serve a four year term as one of 12 elected members helping to steward the future of the International Paralympic Movement.
In addition to sports competition and representation, Muffy is passionate about speaking, inspiring and motivating individuals, groups and companies to Thrive both personally and professionally.  She travels the globe speaking to and teaching people about their potential and how to push through their fear and reach their dreams.  One of the most sought after motivational speakers worldwide,  Muffy  looks forward to continuing her work and spreading her message to people just like you.  

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