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"Through my personal tragedy I have learned not only to survive but, Thrive. I have learned to look for and create opportunities, find solutions instead of excuses, overcome obstacles, break through walls and believe in myself. I know the importance of determination, perseverance and a positive attitude. I am passionate about spreading my knowledge with individuals and companies that truly want to succeed personally and professionally."-Muffy Davis

Speaking Topics


Muffy can be privately contracted as a motivational speaker for corporations, conferences, events, schools and various other organizations.  Individual appearances include presentations and motivating participants through various messages such as Power of Attitude, Teamwork, Success Through Determination, Overcoming Obstacles, Mental toughness, etc... 


Current Clientele  


Coca-cola, Time Warner Cable, Hewlett Packard, The World Health Organization, Fidelity Investments, Johnson and Johnson, The International Paralympic Committee, Utah Department of Health, Salt Lake City Rotary, Seattle Rotary, Stanford University, American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Center for Disease Control, Lake States Lumber Association, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, United States Olympic Committee and many more... Muffy looks forward to motivating you and your team to reach your greatest potential.  




“What an incredible lady!  It’s such an inspiration to hear what can be accomplished with heart and determination.  Muffy’s story is a true testament that we can do anything if we have enough heart, determination and support.”

S. Spencer Cheak, Sr. Vice President/General Manager, PlayCore



Muffy Davis is the quintessential “American Woman” who motivates the audience with courageous, inspirational and persevering stories about her life. The audience will be moved by her charm and humor in dealing with such difficult situations. I strongly recommend considering Muffy Davis as an inspirational speaker who shares her personal life stories and ties them to goal setting, courage, never give up attitude and perseverance messages. 

Tom Norquist, Sr. VP Marketing, Product Development & Sales, GameTime/PlayCore



"Your contribution and dedication to support our message of overcoming challenges was outstanding. Our team was truly taken back by all you have accomplished and received a valued model of courage and discipline that we all need."

Bob Farnsworth, President and CEO, PlayCore


“It was a great honor for Muffy to come and give a motivational speech to the employees of my company, MedQuest Products.  Her passion for life, her integrity as a person, and her “never give up” attitude really comes through as Muffy recounted her remarkable personal life story and drew from them lessons for all of us to be better and more productive people.”

Pratap S. Khanwilkar, President/CEO, Chairman, MedQuest Products, Inc.


Muffy Davis is a true inspiration.  Her presentation at the Boise Affiliate Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Survivor Dinner inspired everyone in the crowd of nearly 800 people.  Muffy’s style and personality hooked us all from the beginning and kept everyone engaged with her multi-media presentation, humor and inspirational approach to life.   She is a dynamic speaker and impressive individual whose joy for life is infectious. Linda McGraw, Board President, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Boise


Your presentation was absolutely fantastic. Your story is offered with so many personal examples of commitment, dedication, focus, perseverance, and of course gave all of us a lot to ponder. I believe those LSLA members in attendance came away with renewed enthusiasm, a more positive outlook, and certainly a renewed appreciation for the gift of life.

Al Andersen, Chairman Long Range Planning Committee


I wanted to personally thank you for your inspirational and moving speech at the ACSM Health and Fitness Summit in Dallas, TX.  I will never forget you or your story and plan to try to implement your motto in my own life.  ~Amanda Marichak, Yonkers, NY


"We were looking for a speaker who could combine both inspiration and pragmatics for our graduation and award ceremonies for the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Utah. This event is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and honors of our students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We needed someone who could address the importance of cultivating persistence and dedication toward the achievement of professional goals. Muffy Davis was our keynote speaker and she delivered the message - and the meaning - to our audience with supreme confidence and genuine passion. Ms. Davis is the kind of speaker who connects with people of all ages and of all backgrounds. She brings to the audience a spirited enthusiasm for facing the challenges of life and then offers the rewards for fulfilling the promise to overcome barriers and difficulties. Muffy Davis is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and one who can speak to the creativity that can be found on the journey of life. Our students, family members and friends found her to be perfect match for our ceremony that focused on academic achievement and scholarship. And more importantly, Ms. Davis is a speaker who is looking ahead to the future while learning from the past, but concerned about the present, and that what we do now – is all the difference in the world.”

Scott Wright, Ph.D. – Director and Professor. Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program, University of Utah. 


“Muffy Davis delivered a very powerful and inspiring talk.  She inspired all to achieve and reach for their goals no matter the situation.  Thank you for taking your time to share your message of achievement with us.”

Ross D. Anderson, Public Relations Specialist/ Marketing, Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino/Ski Apache


“A true professional --- Muffy’s presentation was engaging, entertaining and thought provoking --- What a story teller! The presentation was given with such emotion and enthusiasm – you couldn’t help but be drawn into her stories. Our employees came away from Muffy’s speech with a renewed level of dedication to providing recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities.” Martin Jensen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation



“After listening to Muffy’s presentation I felt like I could overcome any obstacle. Muffy showed each of us that a little patience and a lot of perseverance and positive attitude will allow you to get beyond what ever challenges you face.”

Tracey Gines, Assistant Section Manager, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation 

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